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Progressive Multifocal Computer Temple SH025 - C4 - C7184Z87ZRT

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  • All-round anti-blue lenses will absorb all the 380nm UV absorption, and then absorb 400-500nm high-energy blue light, block the harmful light outside the eyes, protecting the eyes from damage. While the 500-780nm of the dominant light to maintain the transmission rate of 90% or more, to ensure that vision as clear as possible.
  • All-round anti-blue lenses are suitable for regular use of computers and phones. The people who often use the computers, phones and ipad touch the electronic screen for a long time, therefore they will be in the blue light for a long time. As a result, protection is essential.Many fashion people like wearing glasses frame, but it is nothing when in face of ultraviolet radiation or indoor computers and phones, so a pair of anti-blue lenses will be more secure.
  • Asymptotic multifocal glasses are the upper optical area of the lens used to look far and the lower optical area used to look near. The degree of the middle gradually change, which used to look at the intermediate area
  • We change the curvature of the lens surface from top to bottom, adding positive diopter, which result in the effect of visual correction. Because the degree is gradual, the substitution of the regulation is also based on the shortening of the distance, there is no fluctuation in regulation. As a result, the glasses won't cause visual fatigue. People who wear progressive multifocal glasses will have clear vision at all distances in the visual range.
  • Most people wear progressive multifocal glasses need about a week of adaptation, but the adaptation period varies from person to person, walk slower when feel dizzy.As the two sides of the lens is astigmatism disorder district, you need to turn around the neck and eyes in order to see objects on your both sides clearly. When go down stairs, please lower your glasses and use the top area. You'll feel safe and comfortable.

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